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Custom Airsoft Machining and Parts

I know of a machinist who is interested in doing custom machining for airsoft purposes (and probably anything else really). This would just be part time work for him (he is a full time machinist) but he is seriously considering starting up his own company with a friend of his and doing custom work full time if he gets sufficient business.

He has just finished making me a custom "Barrel Tube" for my MP5K which threads directly onto the gun. I've already got several more custom projects I plan to have him machine parts for me.

It is made from a solid piece of ABS (note: I have not yet painted it yet, hence the grey color) but will machine virtually any material requested/possible.

His rates are very reasonable. Example, my "Barrel Tube" cost me less than purchasing a production one and I was able to get the exact length and diameter I wanted with NO thread adaptors necessary.

His name is Andrew and his email is You can contact him directly and send him drawings to get quotes and ask questions.

Please note: Engineering drawings and standards are not necessary. However neatly drawn drawings with dimensions and all relavent info is needed. Example: He must not have to "guess" anything; tolerences are NOT needed on the drawings (unless precision is crucial), and specifics such as thread type (ie. NC), thread pitch and direction ARE required on your drawings so a little research may be needed.

You may also shoot me a PM with any questions you may have however I will NOT do any quoting for parts.

I have a bit of machine shop experience and have Engineering drawing training (I'm a Mechanical Engineering Student) so I have a good idea of what Andrew needs in his drawings.



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