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Originally Posted by Erik2 View Post
Sorry to bring this back up.

This morning I checked his site, about the Phantom CMS-PC Tactical Vest in Coyote Tan that I wanted. Said it was out of stock. I checked back this afternoon and it was updated to in-stock. So I went and ordered it. I have not received any sort of confirmation at all.

I am NOT accusing him of ANYTHING. I am confident I will receive what I purchased, and am not worried about anything.

It's just what I am saying is that he has not confirmed my purchase, and I do know he was online today because he updated his website.

What Jayhad is saying is true. He is slow with the email responses, but I am sure we will get out product.

While I am not in the same situation as Jayhad is, as my order was just placed this afternoon I do feel a little bit like he is as there is no phone number displayed so I can contact him over the phone and not just through email. All I want to do is confirm that he received my order but I can't do so.
I've dealt with this retailer. He bent over backwards and provided me some great products. Erik, you placed the order this afternoon. You want a response already. You are one to talk. You confirmed you wanted my M4 to the point I was en route to deliver it to you. You then told me that you'd get back to me in the next week and to hold the gun. You then disappeared and still never got back to me. This was months ago. So guess what? A few hours is nothing. You are hardly an authority on this topic.
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