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Sorry to bring this back up.

This morning I checked his site, about the Phantom CMS-PC Tactical Vest in Coyote Tan that I wanted. Said it was out of stock. I checked back this afternoon and it was updated to in-stock. So I went and ordered it. I have not received any sort of confirmation at all.

I am NOT accusing him of ANYTHING. I am confident I will receive what I purchased, and am not worried about anything.

It's just what I am saying is that he has not confirmed my purchase, and I do know he was online today because he updated his website.

What Jayhad is saying is true. He is slow with the email responses, but I am sure we will get out product.

While I am not in the same situation as Jayhad is, as my order was just placed this afternoon I do feel a little bit like he is as there is no phone number displayed so I can contact him over the phone and not just through email. All I want to do is confirm that he received my order but I can't do so.
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