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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Maybe he should do the smart, mature thing, and wait until he's 18 ?
I definitely agree with Greylocks on this one...I'm a textbook example of someone dedicated to airsoft enough to want to see it have a future (though, unfortunately, I'm more of a collector, and not as much of a of these days...). I was first introduced to airsoft by a friend in Europe at age 16 while on vacation. Though I wanted to get into airsoft right away, I spent the next 2 years reading up on it, looking at gun and equipment reviews and forums, even perusing the classifieds here (pre-age-verification) to determine acceptable prices for GBBs and AEGs, both new and used. When my 18th bday rolled around, as I recall the day of, I bought my first airsoft gun, and I feel as though I did the right thing by waiting, as I was now doing it legally, and I had spent time learing about the game and equipment instead of dicking around trying to get clearsoft and cheap springers.

Ya, it sucks being underage, but just suck it up. You don't have to have airsoft guns to be part of the community. When you're 18 and know what you're talking about, people will respect you for it.
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