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Here we go....

There is no need for a "ban on Airsoft" it is already illegal for anyone to sell replica guns to individuals...

Technically it is already banned... so you can stop worrying about a ban... as it is pointless to worry about something that has aleady happened... 9 years ago.

The CFO, CBSA and law enforcement is stepping up enforcement on the proliferation of Replicas... hence the customs troubles... and the recent charges in the GTA against some small time unlicensed re-sellers.. which has precipitated most of the retailers to significantly curtail their imports... or stop importing alltogether.

I know for a fact that the CFO has orders to "clamp down on replicas" as people I know who are working on getting a props license.. have been told this from the CFO directly.

So... what does this mean... yeah.. it will be more difficult to get guns for the foreseeable future... and Yeah that means that prices will go up...and that means that this hobby will be out of reach for a lot of people who may be interested... But if you really want in... you will pony up the cash and the time to make it happen.
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