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Review - Classic Army SCAR-L

To start, I generally donít write reviews, so please forgive if there are some information missing, any questions I would be more then happy to answer.

Classic Army SCAR-L MK. 16

After receiving my SCAR today, first thing I notice is that on the front of the box CA lists all the highlights of the rifle.

Unique Serial Number
Metal Charging Handle
7mm Metal Bearing Gear Box
Hi-Cap Magazine (300 Rd)
Metal Flip up Front & Rear Sight
CNC made Metal Upper Receiver
8.4v Mini Type Battery can be used
Fiber Lower Receiver & Retractable Folding Stock
Magazine Released Catch can function in both sides of receiver
Bearing Spring Guide, Bearing Piston Head, Sealed Nozzle & Cylinder
Motor without screw type

I opened the top of the box to find inside one beautiful looking AEG. As I took it out of the box, my first thought was that it had some pretty good weight to it. It has a slight plastic feel to the stock and lower receiver but the upper receiver is full metal. The only major issue cosmetically in my opinion is that some of the seams of the body arenít flush, which in the end doesnít really matter, the parts that arenít flush are areas of the gun that arenít normally looked at anyways.

The one downside to the SCAR is that it only comes in a beige colour right now. Simple Krylon can fix that problem though. The one advantage is that if youíre an armalite user, you donít need new mags.

After spending 10 minutes trying to figure out where the damn battery goes, I finally decided to look at the manual, to my surprise the manual is in perfect English. The battery space is not field friendly in the least, after unscrewing a screw where the stock folds, you then pull out the stock and insert the battery. Putting the stock back in and re-screwing the screw to closer her up. All in all after some practice is only took a couple minutes start to finish, but not overly friendly.

The SCAR at this time can only take a mini-type battery. I personally have a 8.4V 1400 mAH NiMH battery and to my surprise the gun has an amazing rate of fire for that size of a battery. It was even faster then my G&P M16A3 with a 8.4V 3300 mAH NiMH battery.

Out of the box, the SCAR shot very consistently. I have yet to chronie the SCAR, but I will post an update over the weekend when I can fully field test her. I was able to shoot about 50 feet dead on with .25 bbs.

Real Steel Pics
SCAR-L Mk16 Gen 1

SCAR-L Mk16 Gen 2 w/ EGLM

After doing some minor field tests (non-combat), I brought it back and decided to get rid of the awful beige paint job that CA did. After starting to use painters tape to tape some parts of the gun, I noticed that the paint was peeling off the gun and on to the tape. This is something to watch out for. After a few layers of paint, and an awesome paint job by a team mate, here is my final result.

So in conclusion, I would highly recommend the SCAR thus far, but I will report more once I have done combat trials.

Metal Upper Receiver
High Rate of Fire
Solidly Built
Pretty Good Distance and firepower out of the box

Only supports mini-batteries
Beige in colour
Battery is not field change friendly
Minor seam issues
Paint seems to peel easily when painters tape is applied.

Any Questions can be posted or sent to my via PM.
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