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Originally Posted by Rukus View Post
Sorry substitue weapon with using Real rifle/pistole or Replica irresponsibly, ie waving it around in public like it's a real one. Mistakes happen true, and I'm not out to get those whom just happened to be a minor mis understanding, but those who are obvious about it, that's another thing.
Yeah that's cool, and i'm not singling you out specifically.

The issue, primarily, is that REAL guns are too prevalent in criminal hands these days so the Police can't reasonably dismiss a child playing with a replica as such. Give a toy gun to a 5-year old and I GUARANTEE he'll pull it on a police officer if he's given the chance, because the police officer is carrying a gun too and the child wants to play with him because of the commonality and his imagination.

The existence of REAL guns on the street makes that cop wonder if the kid got his brother's crime pistol or his dad's registered Glock. If it's pointed at him, he'll assume it's real and shoot, and he will be entirely justified in doing so, even if the memory lasts a lifetime and the moral justification is lost.

That's the world we live in. Because law enforcement and soccer moms fear the possibility that little Johnny might get shot when he's out playing with his toys, nobody should be permitted to have them.

Unfortunately for the cops and the soccer moms, the bad guys have real guns despite the laws to the contrary, will continue to have them, and the problem they're trying to avert won't go away. The difference is, when replica's are illegal, the police can claim that ANY shooting is justified; if replica's are illegal, then it must have been a real firearm. Even if it wasn't.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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