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Why would anyone with half a brain protest Emery's extradition? It defies logic. He allegedly broke a US law by sending prohibited material to the US. He should be tried in a US court, and if convicted, rightfully spend the next 20 or so years in a US jail. Fair is fair. The knew the game; he broke the rules in the name of profit. He shouldn't have done the crime if he can't do the time.

Seriously, if he wasn't a pseudo-celebrity in this country for giving "the man" the metaphorical finger and thumbing his nose at the laws of the land, would anyone support him? What if the shoe was on the other foot? If someone from a foreign land broke our laws in our country, I doubt there's be as much support from fellow board members to let them go scot free. Most folks here (and I include myself in that number) would be screaming for his head, and rightfully so.
The thing is though, he is a Canadian citizen that never stepped a foot on US land. Should all the gays in Canada be extradited to Pakistan to be beheaded? I don't think so.

Doesn't make sense to me, and haven't yet been diagnosed to have less than half a brain.

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well then i guess i just get to drop the sport for another 3 and a half years...
You would likely have to anyway.
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