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Originally Posted by Rukus View Post
And yes anyone dumb enough to bring a replica out in the open deserves what he gets, be it the weapon gets taken away from him, or the dumbass get shot. That's just plain stupidity.
Ok, although I understand the sentiment behind this, i DON'T believe that someone should be presumed guilty, the police called, and the individual SHOT or taken into custody at gun point for the simple "offence" of being in possession of a firearm or something that looks like one.

If I substituted the word "hammer" with the word firearm, would it be justified? Any object is only a weapon if used as such.

I'm a legal gun owner. If i'm walking around in my house with my pistol in a holster on my hip, which is perfectly legal in my residence, and I walk past a window and someone calls the police, is it right that I can be thrown on the ground and handcuffed or worse SHOT by a cop with less trigger time then me who gets scared and thinks I'm reaching? Think about it...I've broken no law but having something on my hip or in my hand is enough to presume guilt or impending violence and warrants arrest at gunpoint or worse.

Now, if you point a gun (real or otherwise) at a police officer, you better expect to get shot. That being said, I don't support demonizing anyone who happens to have a replica OR a real firearm in their hand when some nosey neighbor peeks over the fence. Firearms ownership is NOT A CRIME. Replica possession is NOT A CRIME.

Don't let political correct determine what's criminal and what's not folks. Remember you have RIGHTS, despite what's "socially acceptable" or not.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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