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Originally Posted by Bakes View Post
I just wanna ask, I know you guys dont like kids playing backyard softair. But really what is the problem with kids running around with clear plastic bb guns. I have a buddy that lets his kids run around in the backyard with clearsoft, with facemasks. I just dont see what the big deal is. Now if they were running around with armalites then I could see it being a problem. I hate what society has come to be. When we were kids we'd go hunting with 22's. Nobody gave a fuck.
Wrong. Cops with BBs that hurt a lot more than yours see it as a problem. When cops bust people with those shitsoft, they don't may a distinction between those and our Airsoft. This gives us bad publicity which makes the public hate us more. That's why we hate clearsoft.

Canada is really starting to suck my dick.
I love this country. If you don't, then GTFO and go live in the US or something.

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