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What Rukus said, gutting your guns may be doable. Honestly, if you just put aside say $1000 CAD for airsoft, you can get yourself a good gun kit new since you already have all the other stuff. Also, you may want to look into getting age verified and buy a used gun off the forums here once you're in Canada. Could be a nice, cheap way to get yourself a gun.

I'm currently in college in Peterborough, and as for the dorm thing, DO NOT store your guns in residence. Due to events that have happened at Canadian colleges (the recent one in Montreal, for example) having a replica gun in residence is a big-no-no. You have to remember the gun culture here in Canada is WAY different than it is in the United States. People here don't like guns, not at all. The other thing you have to keep in mind is the other people living in the dorm with you -you might be perfectly able to store the gun no problem, but there will be times you'll be away from your room and your door won't be locked. Yea, drunk college idiots + unlocked room + automatic rifle = jail time for you.

One of my friends who lives in residence just stores his gun at my place. Start making contacts now, talk to people, when you get to Canada go to some games. Maybe rent a couple of guns at first. I'm sure you'll make some friends who wouldn't mind storing your gun for you if/when you do actually get one.

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