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Possible Canadian Airsofter

I've been a lurker for quite some time now, but up to this point haven't posted, but now I have a few serious questions about what my situation will be in the next couple years.

I'm a seventeen year old airsoft who, as of right now, lives in Kentucky, a state with some of the most lax gun laws known to man. This creates a pretty laid back atmosphere for airsoft, but we still take all the precautions we have, using only private land, contacting authorities, etc. Anyways because I have dual citizenship (dad's Canadian) I may be going to university in Canada, probably either Montreal or Ottawa, next fall. By rummaging around the FAQ and forums in general it seems pretty apparent that I'll be able to import everything I have gear, accessory and part wise, but not my AEGs or GBBs. This is dissappointing largely due to the time I've put into each one's upgrades, but I guess it's not possible to get around. What would you suggest for someone in my situation? Just "gut" my gun's internals, then buy a similar AEG once I'm settled in Canada?

On another note is airsofting in college even feasible. Take into consideration that I'll definitely be living in dorms for atleast the first year and will come into the country knowing nearly no one. I'd have to store the majority of my kit with a fellow airsofter as I'm assuming, like most dorms, that replica firearms will be seriously frowned upon. Not only that, but since I'll be such a far way from home it's not feasible for me to bring or purchase a car. Is my situation hopeless?

Please take into account that I won't be moving for atleast a year and that's if I do end up going at all, but I want to get as much information as I can. Afterall there's probably little point buying more guns if I can't use them one year from now.

Thanks for any input you can offer and sorry about the long winded post.
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