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Hello form Israel

Hello guys, I'm from Israel and I'm viewing your site for quite a while.

I must say that your large community is very impressive. In my small homeland - where real weapons are so common, airsoft *can* be dangerous. Therefore it's very very limited. There are only a few groups, and not many active players.
Also, there are not many possibilities to legally purchase an airsoft "gun" (in Israel we call it "an instrument" so that no one would think that we are dealing with real weapons), or adecuate gadgets. Therefore 90% of the shopping is made out of Israel and is brought in Half-Legally

However, I'm likely to visit Toronto in the end of May, and some of my friends asked me to check your stores for attachments and gadgets. I'm not likely to be able to buy a gun (I won't be able to get it back to Israel) - But I would like to check other items that are related to airsoft.

Please let me know.

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