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Originally Posted by snakeeater View Post
Exactly why i Had the cops at my door for shooting 12 shots in my backyard at a target in semi with fluresent tape on my flash hinder and mag. Nosey nieghboors... And I remember another time two retards i knew where chasing a nerd around with a airsoft pistol at a bus station. As we where getting on the bus two police suvs swerve in front of the bus, and cops run out and yell for everyone who just got on to get off. Its always fun spending 30 min in the back of a squad car filling out a police report.
So wait, if it was two 'other' kids running around chasing the third 'other' kid, why were you in the back of the car? Generally you have to be involved in some way other then "I knew who they were."

Yeah, I smell bullshit, and I don't think its cause of the cows .

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