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Funny story, I called 911 once because of obvious domestic violence in a neighbouring block. Since I wasn't sure were it came from, I told them to take the alley behind my block, and gave them my address. On foot, from the alley, they would be able to pinpoint the source fast. Young kid crying, adult yelling, et al.

Dispatch bungled up, and instead of giving my directions to the alley, just gave my address.

I had just finished taking pictures of an armalite for a sale thread when I called, then jumped in the shower.

Two minutes after the call, while in the shower, cops bang at my door. Since I was in the shower, I heard a noise but thought it was for my neighbor since I never had an uninvited knock, ever.

Door opens, people racing up the stairs, I only have the time to grab a towel and stop the shower before and four cops are in my kitchen, just besides the bathroom door asking in a rather rude manner if I was alone. After the initial shock, I realised what happened and redirected the officers to the alley to intervene with the real issue.

Now, I may laugh at this now, and poke fun at my girlfriend, who is jelous of my being man handled half naked by Montreal's finest.

But I could very easily have been held at gun point, or worst, all the while depriving someone in need from critical help. See, right after taking the pictures, I took the gun and put it back in it's gun case, removed it from sight. I very honnestly believe that cops called on a violent incident would have been in the mood to be fucked with, and finding an assault rifle on the kitchen table, the first thing you'd see coming in has to fuck with you.

Proper airsoft storage has perhaps saved my life, and has definitivly helped someone else's.

Even if you don't own a fancy gun safe, at the very least keep them out of sight.

Mr snakeeater, shooting in your backyard is not keeping them out of sight. May you catch a very bad case of herpes.

So next time someone asks if it's a good idea to expose their guns, or tries to convince you that a guncase isn't as important as any other critical airsoft buys, refer them to this post. Shit happens, usually at embarasing moments...
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