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I stick to getting all my stuff in canada, though I have looked at getting a metal body for my M4 from the states, just kinda scared to import it. It's the lack of confidence in our boarder services taking notice on the right problems that bugs me. They are more worried about a few people playing airsoft than the real problems Canada faces for boarder security. They are all too happy to screw someone over. They had me and my g/f sit in the customs office for 3 hours just because we went over for an farm show, then they tried to prove that we bought all the animals that we took to the show from the US, and didn't bring them from canada even though all our paper work was from Canada. 3 HOURS, it took me getting pissed off and confronting a few of them to let us go.

Though I support any plan to help airsoft and if any help is needed to get the ball rolling so to speak I wouldn't mind being involved. I love this sport and don't want to see it die because of the reatards at the boarder.

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