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i don't want this hobby to die and i feel useless just sitting here. i do agree that we need to get the ball rolling and set out some goals, what we want to focus on. i think a small forum would be helpful to pool thoughts and ideas, but have posting access to experienced people on the board.

this is just an idea, but perhaps members who have broken the 1,000 post-mark and are non-spammers could have posting access to this possible new forum. everyone else can read, but would have to message these reps to be heard out to avoid spamming, flaming and saying the same thing over and over. again its just an idea.

once we have a collective amount of thoughts and commentary then we could decide the best actions as a group to get the message out. i've seen some really good ideas for educating people in Ottawa and getting the word out. if we had a forum dedicated to this, we will have a group of people agreed to something, we would be organized and hopefully take some action. feel free to expand on this. thanks.
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