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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
LOL There's NOTHING wrong with that. What the hell do you think Foxden is, or the LZ, or Muskoka? It's somebody's 'back forty'.

And safety glasses, what some people call "shop glasses" are often SUPERIOR to paintball goggles.

Christ, the shit that passes as "common knowledge" and "common sense" on here is fucking disgusting.

Snakeeater, buy whatever you want but buy cheap and buy twice.
I own a pair of Oakley M Frames in Heater size. At face value, these should be insanely good for airsoft, but they aren't.

The lens itself is near indestructible, I only had to replace one for esthetic considerations after a substantial amount of blunt face trauma to the face in the form of a beer bottle. I also had a lot of debris hit me while cycling.

I trust these with my eyes, but only if I can be sure what ever will hit me will hit me straight on. Theses glasses arent sealed, and enough force will knock them off. That's why I never used them for airsoft.

Damn it, 50$ will buy you a nice pair of googles or a paintball mask. First thing I learned way back in my paintball days was eye protection. I was thought to buiy a quality mask before anything else.
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