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Star Airsoft - "S-Point" Reflex Site


That’s right; it’s time for another one of Mr Jon’s un-necessarily long airsoft reviews. Today I shall be discussing Star Airsoft’s “S-Point” Reflex Site.

Being an MP7 fanboy when I first saw pictures of the Zeiss Z-Point mounted on nearly every MP7 picture I knew I needed one. When news came down that Star Airsoft was releasing a replica I was quite excited. This was nearly 2 years ago since the release and only now at the time of this writing I decided to get my hands on one. There is only one review I’m aware of only one review on the S-Point which resides in the Arnies Airsoft review database. They aren’t talked about much, or seen a lot so hopefully this gives you some insight. Aside from being hard to find information for they aren’t easy to find for purchase; but I was lucky enough to order one through Jugglez an ASC forum member.

The price will set you back approximately $130.00. Again it still an absurd price to pay for what it’s even worth, however it comes at a fraction of the cost of the Zeiss which I have seen range from $350.00 USD to $500.00+ USD at various US outlets.

Opening The Box

The S-Point arrives in a very compact brown cardboard box, simply labeled with a descriptive product name and a picture. Inside you’ll find the S-Point cleanly surrounded in a foam cutout ready for action. The battery is pre installed. No manuals or any further instructions regarding the operation or maintenance of this product are to be found. As an aside normally I don’t require instructions, but I have no idea how to access the battery cover without damaging it. However so that’s just a minor inconvenience... for now.

Build Quality and Construction

Star usually makes exceptionally finished products. Fit, finish and feel is always spot on. As with the case of the S-Point this too is an excellent replica of the Z-Point. Just like the real Z-Point it is made of a polymer all around and not of nylon fiber like a lot of other Star products. On the left side you’ll find a vinyl covered switch with an S logo on it. Star nicely replicates the old style Z-Point logo but replaces the trademark blue flag with an S. You will also find adjustment screws for height and windage. To top it off it has a fake solar cell window and useless iron sites on the top. Now as for the viewing window tube it appears the front and rear lenses are made out of glass with a slight grey tint to them. When you tap on them it feels thick and has a clean reflection to the front lens which leads me to believe its glass though I could be wrong. The quick detach mounting bracket spring is extremely strong and will indefinitely clamp to whatever rail system you have on with no shifting around. This can become an annoyance because of the fact that it is so strong; taking the site on and off may scratch your rail system. Other than that, it is an aesthetically pleasing reproduction of the Zeiss.


It took me a couple minutes to clue in on how the hell I’m supposed to activate the site. Turns out the switch is hidden under the S-Logo which I think is pretty cool! No extra knobs to stick out or break off. The vinyl click switch gives a positive click on or off. Looking down the tube you are presented with your average single dot reticle. Sadly the real Z-Point can automatically gauge weather to draw from the solar cell or the battery and auto adjust brightness. The S-Point is fixed at a medium brightness which is fine for outdoor use but most likely a bit to bright for darker settings (indoor CQB or night games). Now mounting the site as I said before is annoying as hell, you have to press the button hard and lever it on and release the clamp. If you are mounting this onto anything other than an MP7 it will sit a bit crooked. I had to move the site slightly forward until it straightened out. On various other rail systems, this thing for some stupid reason will never sit straight and will always tilt forward. I mounted it to my HK416 flat top, again it mounts crooked no matter what I do. So if you don’t plan to use it on a gun other than the MP7 then there isn’t much to worry about.


Star produced an excellent looking replica of the low profile Z-Point. Build quality seems pretty good. An auto brightness setting and instructions would surely have been nice. The fact the dimensions of the mount prevent it from properly seating on other typical rail systems can be an annoyance. But as the only Z-Point replica in existence I cannot complain any further. I bought it for looks rather than its true functionality. Price wise, it’s definitely not worth it unless you want it for the same reasons I wanted it for (just to have one on your mp7).

Real Zeiss Z-Point Mounted on a P90 TR

Star S-Point Mounted on a TM MP7A1


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