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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Before you talk about markup, you really should read about the costs breakdown that were done. Some markup exists, yes, but it's not as high as you think.

You can inform yourself or do the math; exchange rates between US and Canadian dollars. Shipping costs. License costs. Import fees. Taxes. And then some form of profit (I sure as hell would not do this for free).

A Marui at US prices (I've seen them too) of about $250 is far from $250cdn by the time it gets into Canada. All of that does matter. It's not a high volume business either. If airsoft was more open legally speaking, and importation fees were different, the prices here would match US prices pretty much dollar for dollar.
I know why the prices are higher, I was just saying that Speaks didn't understand that SnakeEater was saying the exact same thing as Speaks was replying to SnakeEater...uh...yeah.
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