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You guys don't understand.

When you import an item, you pay duty on that item's value (ie. the price you paid for it). For businesses importing plastic goods from Asia (Taiwan, etc.) that duty it 30%, plus you pay brokerage (7%), GST (7% of the total), and freight. That means that a $240 gun adds $80 in duty, $17 brokerage and $24 GST for a total of $361.

If it costs $20 freight to get the gun to you, then you are looking at $381 just to get the gun into Canada. For years this it what it cost, and guys were selling these guns for $440. Would you pay $1250 to get a license, another $2500 minimum to set up a registered company, another $2500/year in accounting fees, just to make $60 per gun?

Like I said, you guys have no clue. So you should really STFU!!!
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