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Originally Posted by snakeeater View Post
Dude, Maruis in canadian dollars are like $240... Their just marked up alot on Canadian sites
Ahhhh'yah'OK, if you can find me a Mauri for $240CDN new anywhere in Canada you'd be my savior... listed or not. Due to the fact your not age verified just shows that you don't have the purchase knowledge as of late, hell $5 parts are being imported and cost 4X the initial USD price for you to purchase here.

As for a good starting gun at a decent price, the JG G608 (G36C) is a great AEG. The sad reality is even A&A are chargeing an arm and leg for imports, Glock 26's for $275CDN when they are under $100usd new c'mon. Lining thier pockets, but are licenced to do so it seems, Peace and keep well.

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