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Cheap GUNS?

First of all this site is not the place for your profanity. So clean it up or shut it up.

I have been playing for only a few years. I agree with Grey. You can get a bargin on an AEG and you could maybe get a few good games out of it. But you will neet to upgrade. And, like any mechanical device, after it gets used it will require maintence and the odd part replaced, Like a Ford(oops, profanitiy alert, Dodge fan here haha) you will end up fixing the gun more than fielding it.

This is going to be the same for a not so cheap gun, you will still have to do the repairs, however, replacing the odd tappet once a year or so as opposed to rewiring the mechbox this week, replacing the motor next week, having to change out the gear set a month later is not nearly as appealing.

Sadly, not everyone can afford the Systema rifles. ICS, CA, G&P are almost impossable to get. But until you get out an play, is it worth buying a $1500 rifle, probably not. Get a cheapo. field it, play it till it dies, and then throw it away and then choose, do I make the investement into a soprt that the average player has about $2000-$12,000+ in gear or is this not for me and go to wallmart to buy the $20 job.

Ask yourself this. If you were going to get into ATV extreme sports, would you opt out for the cheaper clone? or would you save your money to by a new Raptor? Or would you save up some cash, wait and watch the classifieds, and spend the money to buy someones, tried tested and true AEG that has no longer got room in thier collection and has to be sold to make room for the next peice or the wifes new sewing machine. (Ya, over my dead body will i sell a guns for either of those reasons.LMAO)
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