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ive personally handled medhatboys jg and i am VERY impressed with it. i would tak that over a tm any day. as he said the build quality is as good, if not better than tm. it has the gen 2 rear stock, the gen 2 barrel. everything is impressive on it. it operates egsactly like a tm, both ballistically and functionally. if i had my choice between a tm and this jg, i would choose the jg, for a number of reasons.
1) price, it is half (seriously) the price of a tm,
2) no body trades - so you can engrave your name/ team/ fav quote/ fav design whatever, you can customise it, which really appeals to me
3) it has all the latest innovations, so you dont have barrel wobble, better looking stock.
4) perefct base gun to build upon. if your going to replace just about every part in the process of upgrading the gun, why not buy a more affordable one to star?
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