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If any one else gets the NAM Magazine, issue #13 has a 6 page article on how these "clone" aeg's are starting to hurt some retailers in the US because the ones that aren't importing them are seeing a major drop in sales while those that are bringing them in are seeing a increase of epic proportions. I myself have owned TM back in the day and now have nothing but CA, but on a impulse bought a JG M4 just for the hell of it to see what they are like, I have found that body wise the finish on it is the same as TM, except for the lack of trades anywhere on the gun. The spot where you usually find the trade on the side of the mag well is blank, leaving it open for you to get anything you want engraved on it. Performence wise, the one I got is doing 373fps with .2's right out of the box and it was nice that it came with a battery and slow charger too. The one snag that I have hit with it is the low quality wiring, after about 2 85 round mags it did short out and stopped working, but if you know what your doing with wiring it was easily fixed. And yes it will run on TM, KA, and STAR mags without any feed problems. If anyone does get one of these JG made M4's, the first thing I'd suggest doing is get a gun doctor to change the wiring, and replace the nylon bushings with metal ones, after that have at it. Later on down the road I might replace the plastic body with a metal one and throw a RIS and barrel kit on it to bring the weight up on it, right now it weights pretty much nothing compared to my CA M15 CQB. And price wise, after shipping and taxes I only paid $322.24 for it from

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