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Hello Kevin.

Welcome to Canada Eh!:P

Hope you enjoy your stay in Toronto, best of luck to you in your attempts to open a buisness here. As greylocks mentioned if you don't take the proper steps in setting up, you could be in for trouble.

Gun replicas here are considered prohibited devices and require special licenses if you wish to import them, Ontario also has laws which apply to all airguns; replica or not, such as a legal age for purchase, that age being 18 years old.

I would suggest contacting a Lawyer for help in setting up the legal side of things, it will be expensive but your better safe then sorry. There is also an incredible amount of infomation available on the Canadian airsoft scene on these forums which I'm sure you'll find helpful.

Let me know if your looking for a game in Toronto, my friends and I are always looking for good reserve troops:P

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