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Originally Posted by kos View Post
Marui is the "nike" of airsoft. Seriously. Only thing good about them is their mechbox.. and apparently these china guns have marui boxes (clones) modded to 300+.. so f*ck marui.
Wouldn't say that so quick. A Marui holds it's value up better than a ACM(All chinese made) gun.
Marui's are reliable and the quality control is superb. Those chinese guns you can't really "rely" on them as your first AEG. The chinese guns have bad quality control and the only gun I would even go near recommend is the MP40 and the JG G36C.
The JG G36C is only "EXACT" clone when it comes to Tokyo Marui. Cyma has funny hop-up design and another JG guns all have their own small "problem".

Theres a reason why, reputiable retailers only import high quality guns. Cause they don't want they're customers returning the guns when they have defects. The Tokyo Marui guns are 100% guaranteed to work fine. The majority of TM guns work fine, where when you buying chinese, you might get a shitty qc'ed gun.

The problem with ICS and CA, they have nice metal bodies but they only have armalites and Mp5s.
No other manufactuer has made a AK47 as good as a TM.

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