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Jean. There is a big difference in what we're saying.

If you do not speak the language, mistakes will happen. (It will become better with practice and time).
If you do not have the education, mistakes will happen. (But that can be changed with time too, with courses and practice).
If you have a disability, mistakes will happen no matter what.

All of those are easy to spot and it's ok, because it happens. Those kinds of mistakes are ignored because they are not the same thing at all.

What is not OK is using short codes like U for You, Cuz for Because. That is no longer an honest mistake, that IS being lazy.

It's like if you were to make spelling mistakes on purpose. That would not be the same as normal mistakes, see?
And if english is a problem, the person can always try in french? Or almost any other language? Someone here is bound to know it.

As was said by Skruface, writing like a kid is far from the same as making normal errors.
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