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Well, it all depends on a number of things.

CQB is the best use for them for obvious reasons aside from retrieving the unit, you just plain get better results from it.

However, there is one grenade out there that I've found to be very well designed.

The pin is the only thing that comes off when this thing goes. The gas fires the bb's out the bottom and those little black plugs are tethered.

DanO here in town brought a couple of these out to the last "Gun Doc Day" and I think I put a good amount of wear on it ((Set it off at least 20 times))
They make a good loud bang and they have a good spread on the BB's. Also you could adjust the time delay.

Outside of CQB use, I hope to get a few of these and a good tactical roll of the handy man secret weapon and some trip wire. Make you all watch your steps coming down the trails.

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