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I'm just going to deliver this straight out. My cousins birthday is coming up, and, as stated in another thread, he has resently bought a CM030 G18C AEP from Since I'm just so nice, I decided to order him an extra mag or two, so I was looking around, and I came across So to be safe I check the FAQ's and About Us pages, and to my dissapointment, they had less info that I've ever experienced. I mean, they had NOTHING important about them. They didn't say where they were located, and they didn't say any way to contact them on that page. Then I go to see, and they have free shipping on every item. Either that or it's a hidden cost taken out of your account without you knowing. I ended up at the contact us page, and to my surprise, they had a phone number. I phoned this number (long distance), and what sounded like a computer voice (Microsoft Sam style) came on for the message. Definitely did not sound like a real person. So, I'm ready to leave my message inquiring about their location and free shipping/where they ship, and the message machine was FULL. This must mean they don't check messages very often. So, in my opinion, they seem VERY sketchy. Their reviews are terribly short, too, which makes it seem to me that they just slapped them up themselves. Does anyone have anything positive to say about these guys?
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