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Originally Posted by dirtywonton View Post
I've been reading ASC for a long time now, just never joined. No I do not work for them, I also mentioned other sites in my posts. I happen to travel to Hong Kong a lot and I play with the owners of their partner store, a storefront. I've ordered from them and and have actually had a better time ordering from them than from other websites and so I have no problem to recommend them. I happen to have time to write some posts and I'm sry if I mentioned them too many times for you.

I do mention the I have to put them in bold and underline them? Maybe make the red so you can see them?

It seems you're more busy racking up bs posts. If you don't like my review, just ask for what you wanna know.

I'll work on pics. I don't own a digital camera. I will borrow one. Will that be ok?
What brands? Fit? Adjustability?

It's like saying "I got an AK47 from ASCA. It was good. No problems".

And "dun". Really...
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