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Originally Posted by dirtywonton View Post
I bought a CIRAS vest, a throat mic, and a couple other things off them over the last 4 months.

The longest it ever took was 7 days to get my stuff. They got some of the best prices for the quality as far as I've seen.

I might as well write a review of everything here...

CIRAS: as I said earlier, great, no problems. Only a few scuff marks, but no ripped seams or anything.

Throat Mic Headset: works great. Crystal clear incoming and outgoing. Only problem, doesn't fit on ppl with a thin neck (dunno how else to say that), mainly, my girlfriend. So...ur neck's gotta pretty tiny for it to not seat right. The website says there's actually two microphones, one on each side of the neck piece, I tried it, it's true...

I busted my earpiece (stepped on it and lifted my vest) and I e-mailed them and asked where I could get a new one 'cause they dun sell the parts individually, they mailed me one took a couple weeks, but, hey, it was free, not even charged for shipping.

The PTT switch 'could' be bigger, but it's works fine.

Firefox Lithium Batteries & Charger: crazy buddies in Hong Kong tempted me to try out lithium batts...they're amazing...Just as the site says, ROF goes crazy and they last a full day of play...all on about 30-40 mins charge time. My gun has been fine since the switch to lithium, 10+ games, I'll post if I find my gun has any problems due to the battery.

One Point Elastic Rifle Sling, Pistol Lanyard, Kneed & Elbow Pads: work great, no problems.

All in all, great website, great stuff, great service...

Oh, their site has been slow lately and their dun have that many products. I guess those would be my complaints.
I guess you're going for a rookie post record. Do you work for this company. It's your third post where you mention these guy.

As for the review. It is quite possibly the worst review I've ever seen. You don't even mention what products they are. No pics. Nothing. Bravo, 15 posts of pure crap.
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