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I'm not sure if a pipe cutter will work, but I used an industrial grinding tool to just slice through my barrel....sure it got hot and stuff, but haven't had a problem with it. Of course, I didn't have any coating on the barrel....

I would recommend a fine saw and just cut the thing...barrels are pretty durable, they won't bend out of shape easily...

Dun forget you have to get a small file ready to file away all the frills and stuff.

One other thing, make sure you get really good BB's from now on...I regret putting a 6.03 barrel in 'cause I have to get only the best bb's now...I save a couple bucks and my gun jams 2-3 times a day...

One new piece of gear you might want to take with you is a nice 3-4mm (diameter)cable. Make sure it's got a rubber coating (I think it's rubber). Just coil it up and put in ur pouch. You can use it to clear bb jams. Just stuff it down ur barrel. It works great. I was right in the middle of a skirmish once and my gun jammed. I took cover, pulled out my cable, stuffed it down my barrel and was up and running in under 45 secs. Ended up finishing the round.

Trust me, you'll need it with your .03 barrel.
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