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funny how you all bash the china made guns, all the folks in Hong Kong are buying up China made guns like there's no tomorrow.

I just watched a Marui rip it's gears apart the first day out (half day actually) and I'm hearing ppl go months on a china gun with no problem. Of course I've heard China guns breaking down pretty quick, but never in half a day. My stock M4 only lasted 12 rounds and I dun more than 1000 rnds an outting...

I know the older models of the China guns were plain crap. But from my last trip to Hong Kong, then china guns are pretty damn good now...

One thing to note though, the guys in Hong Kong don't mod their guns much after they buy them, atleast not the mechbox. Most ppl play stock guns as the fields over there are a lot smaller....

Oh, and if you like, check out The guy has really honest reviews of the guns....he'll tell you which you can trust and which you can't...but they dun sell to Canada 'cause of the restrictions and everything.
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