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Just placed an order from, not sure where they are from but they i did noticed during the final steps they charged me GST. Ordered from cheapbatterypacks.con and on the same day for aprox same value of stuff. Cheapbatterypacks arrived two days eariler than onlybatterypacks, none were taxed. A couple members of my family who work at Canada Post sorting plant told me that usually 10-15% of inbound packages get opened and inspected for taxation. If the package is marked "merchandise" you will most likely be taxed none the less. If a package is marked "gift" and is inspected, they will tax you according to their charts. They have charts of standard materials, i.e. "T-Shirt - $50.00" etc. You may appeal on any package you were taxed on at time of delivery and the package will be resent back to Customs Canada for review. Never done this myself I am sure it is a long process, see back of customs form for more details. Also there is less chance of getting inspected and subsequently taxed during busy seasons such as Christmas. And of course onces taxed on merchandise Canada Post will throw on a collection + service charge for collecting the money for Customs Canada at your expense.

Update: just received an email from that package will be coming from Montreal. Hence the charging of GST. Also note that OnlyBatteries and OnlyBatteryPacks are not the same company although their website is very similar. However I did notice that onlybatteries does advertise onlybatterypacks on their website...

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