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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
what if in time they had 20 bbs in them and no more room for rocks I dont know how well bbs do for grinding food? I not trying to fight just plastic isnt good.
No plastic isn't good. I could see a smaller bird choking on one, but its not really toxic as its non-digestable and inert. As long as the animal can pass it, its harmless. I don't believe birds with a crop would retain it, but, lets say they did, again, its inert, and the very fact that it is non-biodegradable actually stops any potential byproducts from leeching into the animal. So if a tree hugger is going on about the poisonous dangers of BBs, its BS.

Of course, I also sell bbs, so I look completely biased by saying this... and here is one for the really skeptical crowd...

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