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Bioval would like to make it absolutely clear to those who have not as yet received our message. There is heavy pressure in many places in Europe and North America to use the Biodegradability problem as a tool to attack our sport Airsoft. Environmentalists have produced reports of various animal species eating the plastic white pellets and have submitted their findings to many local governments. Wild birds, most notably water foul, have been found eating normal Airsoft bbs and some of the hunted variety has been found with bbs in the stomach! Many environmental associations are petitioning their local government to force Airsoft groups to clean up after playing unless a certificate can be produced showing that the bbs used are biodegradable AND non toxic. Imagine picking up bbs after using them on 20 acres of forested land!
Ya I take it back like I said I read it I personaly havent seen a bird eat or die from it and this didnt say they died from it sorry. But your bird ate it.
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