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Is it more racist to stop a speeding black man than a speeding white man?
If I deal drugs or smuggle weapons, am I less guilty because I'm white?

What if I fit a profile or my car matches a crime that went on nearby? Should I be let go because of my race?

Not saying that some abuses never occur, but I've seen the same type of treatment in strongly ethnic areas of many towns where I happen to stick out. Why give the white boy a break? Let's fleece him for twice the price I sell to the locals.

If you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, just answer the police's questions honestly. End of problem. It works.

To say they always 'profile' you is an insult to their intelligence. Cops are not total idiots. Yes, some are, like in any community. But it's not the norm.

Some drugs smell bad. If you smoke a cigarette inside a car, it smells. If you smoke a joint, it's distinctive. If you have enough weed in an enclosed space, the stuff smells. If you ever got the bad luck to smell burned crack, there's no doubt what it is. That's not rocket science.
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