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The Harmony Short Film Project - Blooper Reel!

Well despite damn near breaking my own neck, spending the last few months tied to a prescription monkey on my back & my thrice weekly interrogation sessions with a well meaning, but Nazi trained physiotherapist, it appears that I am finally on the mend. There are a few more scheduled assessments that I must under go to fully determine the extent of my dizziness & permanent hearing loss (WHAT!?), but it it's looking good for my eventual return to work somewhere around the end of April or middle of May.

One of the off shoots of my weaning myself off of the prescription monkey on my back is extended periods of sleeplessness - i.e. 48 hours, or better of being wide awake before eventually crashing out cold, or sprawling slowly into a gooey pile some place out of sight of the rest of the world. (Personally, I prefer behind the couch. The carpet is extra soft & the heating vent is right there. Very convenient, I must say.)

One of the benefits of being wide awake for extended periods of time is that I've completed The Harmony Short Film Project - Blooper Reel"]The Harmony Short Film Project - Blooper Reel. Please bear in mind that it is not "child safe", as my reputation for profanity exceeds modern legend. So with that in mind, no one should have little one's in the room when viewing the blooper reel. Give it a watch, laugh, & learn from my film making hell. Then I want you all to pass the link on to your friends, & have them pass it on to their friends, & so on. Time to get the "Hype Machine" up & running again, after being dormant for so long.

Pass the word!

As always, your comments, or peels of laughter at my film making tribulations, are always welcome.

My thanks to all of you!

Cameron K. Smith
The Harmony Short Film Project
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Quite the thread; seen the return of Savage Haggis and the end of an empire.

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