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All BBs are biodegradable - over time. The question is time. Some on the market that I've seen and testing break down very quickly (3 months) when exposed to ultraviolet and moisture. The non-biodegradable last a lot longer, but, we're going on 5 years now on one test of mine. There is a patch of spilled BBs on our field that I check out each year to get a feel for how long it takes and last summer when I looked they were very pitted and turning brown. Non-biodegrable ones seem to breakdown in a layered, pitted manner, whereas biobbs seem to hit a critical point and then just crumble.

Being a purveyor of non-biobbs my opinion is somewhat biased but I see no value in biobbs other than the 'feel good about yourself/save the earth' psychological effects. BBs are non-toxic, if an animal eats them, it just passes through them harmlessly and the only way I see them harming them in the environment is in vast quantities that we wouldn't shoot anyways. On a timescale there are a lot of other things that last way longer than BBs that polute the environment that I am more worried about.


The other problem I have with biobbs, and most retailers would have the same issue, is shelf life. Most airsoft players buy bbs in small quantities. I make an order and it lasts the entire year and when I am out, I am out until I do another order (China). The quantities are huge and they are container shipped and then they sit on my shelves for months and sometimes years. I can't afford a product with a shelf life or that is succeptable to degredation over time because airsofters are inherently unpredictable in terms of what they order and in what quantities. Also its only a very small number of inquiries I get for biobbs as compared to regular stock, so the financial justification for it just isn't there.
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