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I was looking at buying some battery packs for my AEG. I heared good things of ELITE battery packs so I started looking around for some prices. I heared a good things about so I decided to check their site out.

I was impressed to see that they have pretty much every battery available but not only that but you can also select AEGs and it gives you a list of available packs.

Now what really impressed me is the ability to select what gauge of wire you want and what kind of connector you want. In my case, I selected a 1500 mah NIMH Elite pack with 14G wire(silicone wire) with a deans connector. I ordered 3 packs for a total of 77,10$ USD

Haveing a deans connector already instaled saved me time and money.

Now what really impressed me is that the package took 4 days to arrive! WOW that is fast shipping! Dont forget they are located in Oregon!

I cant recomend enough!
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