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why would someone pay you 70-100 bucks for something they could get from ?

anyone with a little know-how or google skills could make the parts from that site into whatever bomb, comm device, car starter, hamster wheel they wanted with low cost. and they are in Canada too.

This is not directed at you Khaz, but im sick of people coming up with some airsoft "thing" and thinking they could sell it to the community and make some money. If its open-source, and you are only selling it for what it cost you, ok that makes sense, but too many of these ideas I've seen where its obviously someone trying to make a buck.

again nothing against you Khaz, but i would never buy some "thing" from the average airsoft guy for the following reasons:
1 I don't know the person
2 I don't know how much the thing is being marked up
3 I don't know EXACTLY what i'm getting
4 I can usually just make it myself cheaper
5 human beings suck, and the person is prob trying to make easy money
6 I've never seen something that someone has made short of professional stuff that is up to my standards

anyway, my 2c...

to elaborate qkits heres a "bomb" keypad...

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