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Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
so it wasn't a typo,it is propene,cause i was looking at the tanaka 870,
it took shells and said it uses 134a,you could use green gas if you dared,
that is what the reveiw said,so i wondered how much pressure difference
there was,thanks for the quick response
I just bought an Maruzen M870 and converted it to CO2. I've put 240 shells through it on the CO2 and it's working great SO FAR. Chances are that it will eventually explode but, the extra boost of power is great. It can shoot 10 0.20's with no problem (but 0.12's work even better).

Unfortunately the metals used on the inside of the gun aren't too great. If you know how to machine, I'm sure that you could make some proper replacement parts.

Also make sure that if you go ahead with the conversion that you completely replace the gas tubing. It's not really "safe" since it's not designed for the high of a pressure. If you want to go CO2, get the KWC gas regulator, it's a great little unit! (Thanks to Safx for the gun! and conversion parts!)

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