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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Okay, they spelled propene right because it exists. But is that what they really use or is it a typo?

Maybe they can get the propene easyer than we can get the propane? Propane would be far more flammable with more hydrogen atoms.
Brazing Fluid, go to CT. I only said that its not as cheap as Propane, because its a different head as far as I know. So the propane adapters we have will not fit the bottles. In the states the bottles are colour coded to be Yellow, here I have a bottle that is red and a bottle that is black in my garage right now.

The point to the arguement here Grey, ya need to look before you leap. Cause Propene DOES exist, so you can not pass it off as a spelling error or not what they meant. As for how they used it, that I do not have the answer for, but if the guy from Airsoft Innovations can make adapters, I'm sure he's not the only one out there that can work a machine shop. ((His name eludes me right now)).

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