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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
It's still spelled Propane in this country.

Correct, pure propane has no smell at all. That's added later for safety reasons. (aka Propene)

There is a difference. Cheers.

(Yes, I guess you could use both, so we're both correct. But propAne is commonly available here. I'll let the chemistry majors tell us if both have the same properties for what we do with it).

Propene is not Propane. They are two different gasses, just look at the chemical compound

Propane = C3 H8
Propene = C3 H6

You can not just say "goggle it" they "spelled it wrong" when thats simply not true. They are two different gases.

Mantalope; your right, make a correction to my statement, NO MORE CABBAGE SMELL! WELCOME THE WONDERFUL SMELL OF GARLIC!

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