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Lightbulb The ultimate MILSIM/objective 'KIT'.. anyone interested?

I'm currently designing a 'MILSIM kit' for our own team's/club's use at matches, and I was curious if any other teams, clubs, groups, or areas would be interested in purchasing such a kit if I made it a 'commercially avaiable' product.

Here's what it is:
A single, durable 'package' that has a keypad and lcd dot-matrix display as a user interface. There would be two to three relay switches where external components may be connected to 'anthing' (i.e. strobe, siren, grenade, Rube Goldberg device, etc).
The device would be programmed to have many different MILSIM scenarios:
-Bomb disposal/activation (think CS)
-Bank vault
-Information systems hacking
-Security system activation/deactivation
Upon fulfilling certain requirements (entering a password, going through prompts, whatever) the external devices would be switched on/off, or even display information on the display (new activation codes, etc... could be used in tandem with other objectives). All scenarios have configurable options aswell (bomb timer, different passwords, etc)
This would add a whole new dimmension to possible MILSIM activites or match objectives, not to mention the added realism.

The kit would retail for between $70-100 depending on 'options', with an additional fee to get the kit programmed with 'custom' scenarios.
The question is, would any groups be willing to purchase and utilize such a kit?

I greatly appreciate any feedback! Thanks

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