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I did a test with my KJW MK1 NBB carbine and JKW MK1 NBB pistol, I used duster, propane, and green gas, with .2gr bb's and used a Guarder SPEEDER-2000 Shooting Chrony. I used the same mag with both guns this way it can't be said that the two different mags had differences in the valves releassing different amounts of gas, and I did this in my basement at 22 degrees. I fired a few shots with each gun with each gas and took the average, and this is what I got as a result -

KJW MK1 NBB carbine -
duster - 303fps
green - 530fps
propane - 561fps

KJW MK 1 NBB pistol -
duster - 244fps
green - 391fps
propane - 393fps

The brands that I used were - duster - Falcon Dust Off, green - Jet, propane - Coleman. When using duster there is a massive drop off in fps, almost half, which seemed a bit on the odd side, but at least it brought my carbine down to field limits, and the gun itself is stock right out of the box, no aftermarket upgrades.
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