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Hey Everyone

Hey Guys, seeing on how I am 18 now I have gained a little more interest in Airsofting. For the past year I have been reading up on airsoft on and off so I know about the laws and I know that I need to be mature about playing the sport. I do have a couple of questions however;

First I am interested in both indoor and outdoor play. I have the money to do both. The question is, how useful is a sniper when it comes to outdoor play? I know that you need to have alot of patience which I do, but are they actually useful during play.

My second question is for weapons like the M4A1 (the TM one in particular) do they come ready to be modified for optics etc. And the same questions goes for the sniper rifle. (If it matters what Sniper rifle, I have my eyes set on the Classic Army M24 Socom)

Thanks alot guys, I hope to meet alot of you soon
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