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FYI for those interested:

Was in the area of Blades 4 You (119 Lakeshore E or thereabouts) and popped in.

What they have left is all they will have as customs was (surprise) costing a little more than bargained for.


-About 6-8 Crosman (or similar) Clear Electric-blowback Berettas: $45 for a pair
-2 Non-descript metal Glock copies, CO2 nonblowback: $150
-1 HFC USP Tombraider style in silver/black, Gas nonblowback: $95
-1 Non-descript metal springer, appeared to be a Sig, could be wrong: $65
-2 WELL P90's, one demo, one new, new: $175

Fellow's name was Sean that helped me, really nice guy. If anything, go check out their knife/sword selection!! Now that's certainly worth the trip!

All prices are flexible as they just want them gone (the P90 for example is a little high). Also remaining are some .20 gram bb's also non-descript
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