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Originally Posted by Coma View Post
And a quick bit of research on Arnies tells me that CYMA and other 'clone' companies are finally making worth-while AEGs. Full metal exteriors and shooting at 350 or above out of the box. And sometimes half the price of a comparible AEG. So you see Mr. Greylocks, research counts for something. You had best do your own before making a hasty call on something you obviously know sweet F.A about.
Thank you for knowing what I know (or dont). You read minds?

He asked if he could find something semi decent for under $180. I told him he would get what he paid for (and he will).
I even gave him a site where he could check prices like he asked.

I have my opinions on chinese guns based on the models I had the chance to check out in person so far. What I think of them will not change until I see far better samples than I saw.

My answer is still correct; he can check published prices out himself. I am sorry the answer I provided is not up to your standards.
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